Vacancy: core member (unpaid)

[The post will be updated once the opportunity is no longer valid. See also a referral opportunity at the end.]

Guardians Foundation (GF), a private initiative of one person, is seeking core team members to jumpstart research and action against suffering.

The role is unpaid and remote (for the time being).

The time commitment is flexible. The work is diverse (although one can specialize) and thus offers opportunities for learning and for collaborating.

We strive for effectiveness, compassion, and intellectual honesty. We are direct with each other and try to be meta in general. We help each other to be effective suffering reducers in the long run, too.

Besides working from the same virtual office, we will have weekly team calls to share updates, give feedback and plan and approve next steps.

The core team will be involved in the activities like:

One may be good fit for the role if they:

Join us in creating an effective think-and-do tank with the mission to “destroy the hell”.

To apply, send us your resume, other format or link that would give us an overview of your skills, knowledge and perhaps motivations. (Use the email from the footer. Questions to the same address are also welcomed.)

Finally, if you know a person who might be a good fit for the role, ask them to mention you if they apply. In case they are selected, GF will donate €300 to one of Animal Charity Evaluators' Recommended Charities of your choosing.

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